Monday, January 11, 2010

News Flash

Dear Readers,

There are many upcoming developments in Chrisworthland which may bring interest to the lives of those who care.

1. I am looking forward to engaging myself in bouts of movie-making. I have a decent camera and my computer just got juiced up. Look out.

2. Other plans include a comics anthology of work from the last year entitled, Coneworld, Volume 1. Pretty sweet, huh? Well, it gets sweeter.

3. I am looking to do some volunteer work. What will come of this, I do not know.

4. Want to get a van for the band. We will be totally mobile, and totally fresh. Madras Oregon Seed Convention, here we come!

Further attempts to fuse art and joy into every day of life may be posted in future posts. Until then, I'll keep you posted.

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